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Str. "Adem Jashari" pn, 71510 Hani i Elezit, Kosovo


Electrical wiring

Elektra started working in 2001 initially only with electrical installations. We do design and electrical installation of residential, commercial and shopping malls. We work with the most popular brands in the market like SCHNEIDER, SIEMENS, ELMARK and TEM. while illuminating with OSRAM, PETRIDIS, LINIA LIGHT, COMM LED and ELMARK lighting. With a professional staff and many years of experience, we guarantee that your investment is safe with us.

Industrial installations

Elektra conducts Industrial Designs and Installations of factories and warehouses of various sizes. With a professional staff and many years of experience we guarantee that your investment is safe in our hands, this is well supported by references from our Partners.

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Installation of cable systems

Electra is taken with the installation of digital cable or analogue cable networks for the hotel and this job guarantees the best of my 10 year experience as a cable operator in the territory of Hani Elezit and Kaqanik.

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Installation of CCTV

Electra is also involved in the installation and sale of Cameras systems from renowned brands such as Dahua, Hikvision, CP plus and Weisky. Among the many projects we have executed, it is worth mentioning also the cameras system in the Han i Elezit city which was among the first public security systems in Kosovo.

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Sound system installation

Elektra installs and sells the Bots and TVM narration systems. I carry out sound installations for local business facilities and cafeteria for relegious objects etc

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Installation of fire alarm

Our company installs and sells the fire alarm of the well-known UNIPOS brand also makes periodic maintenance of these systems and we guarantee the quality of our work.

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Anti-Theft Alert

We do install and sell the Paradox and Satellite anti-theft alarm both of these well-known and used European brands. Security is all the more so we do this work with a special care with the utmost importance that your object is safe with us.

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Access Controls

The company is also involved in the installation and sale of the SOYAL brand accessory and we are also the sole authorized distributor of SOYAL in Kosovo. Through the access control it is possible to check the working hours of the workers access control through wards, offices, elevators, many parking lots. Within the scope of the control access, the hotel management system also enters.

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IT network

The company also designs and installs the IT network professionally for all types of objects. Experience as a cable operator enables us to extend the IT network professionally in order to make your business more flexible and organized.

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